Monday, 16 September 2013


I have started analysing previous music videos such as a final project from the last a level class at my school. *INSERT VIDEO CLIP* This music video to Florence and the Machine – Shake it out uses the storyline of a fairy tale for the concept of their music video as it is predominantly a love song. I found the concept hard to grasp at first as I was not clear as to what was going on, this could have been improved by making the narrative more clear. The scenes of the girl miming are good in terms of camera angles etc. however the acting is rather poor, it needed to look real whereas I felt this didn’t. I liked the noticeable changes in colour difference to represent the different storylines however I was unclear of what the difference was meant to show. I found that the locations for the music video were suitable and the ranges of different shots and angles they incorporated fitted the theme of the video.

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