Wednesday, 23 October 2013


These are some of the location shots I took:



I recently went to Newcastle to take pictures of some of the locations I was hoping to use, whilst looking around I found some other locations which I thought could be useful if I was wanting to use more.

I am wanting to use the millenium bridge at night, however unfortunately my only available time was to go during the day so I hope to go at night sometime soon. I think I will benefit more visually if I film at night as the lights will not only look effective but they also represent the album name of the song i'm using.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Tatu - All The Things She Said

Tatu – All The Things She Said is another music video portraying a lesbian relationship however unlike the others I have analysed it is highly provocative and sexualised by the use of rain and wet clothes, as well as the kissing and physical contact, this is probably to attract a specific audience. As this video was made in 2009 it was the first of its kind therefore was shocking for the viewer’s however now a days it is not as taboo as it was. The lighting is very dark and seems as though a tinge of green has been edited to the lighting. There are a lot of close ups when the physical contact and kissing happens, once again this is to make it stand out and emphasise what they are doing, attracting a certain audience once again. The lighting changes between the scenes, when there is a scene with the onlookers the lighting is very dull and negative, where as when the scene is on the two lesbians the lighting is bright and happy, this is probably to show the positivity they feel together in contrast to the more than likely negative opinion from the people watching. The close ups of the girls behind the cages and the bars suggest that they cant come out to the world, which is rather symbolic considering the music video is highly provocative. The cinematography is very hectic, there are lots of zooms which is not something that is normally used in music videos, also there are lots of cuts, almost like it is pictures of the scene straight after eachother, this once again is not a typical convention of the music video.

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

Ed Sheerans, Give Me Love portrays all sexual orientations in his video, which I find useful as I have recently changed my idea to have a music video with the storyline of lesbians. The video is about a girl who we see in the start has killed herself however the scene cuts to the past and we see she is a  is a portrayal of cupid and she goes around with arrows finding people love because she can’t find it herself, it’s not until the end when an attractive policeman comes in to find that she has killed herself that the arrow and wings disappear implying she has finally found love. The music video is 90% in slow motion, possibly to add tension and emphasis, but also to make it look like she is ina fantasy or dream like state, there is also a lot of tracking and panning to help the storyline develop. The lighting in the music video has clearly been edited as the effects are rather gloomy and kind of vintage. Although the video shows different relationships the directors have still used an attractive blonde woman, which will attract another type of audience. There are specific close ups of the gay couples kissing, which could be to emphasise that there are different relationships, also in the club scene she stabs the man who then begins to kiss the other, the camera then tracks back to show that they are the only gay couple there, one again I believe this is to single them out, but not in a bad way.

Change of Ideas

I have changed the idea of a boy/girl relationship to a girl/girl relationship as I have realised there are not many music videos that explore this. I think it will give an extra edge to my music video as it will be different enabling it to stand out.

My new storyline still fits in with my interpretation of the lyrics to 'The End' however now I have a twist in my story.

My new storyline is going to be about two girls, one who is a lesbian and one who isn't infront of her friends however is infront of the actual lesbian. They have a relationship but it is secret and or is only when the apparent 'straight' girl is drunk, eventually the actual lesbian gets fed up and realises she deserves better.

Music Video From Last Year

This music video to Florence and the Machine – Shake it out uses the storyline of a fairy tale for the concept of their music video as it is predominantly a love song. I found the concept hard to grasp at first as I was not clear as to what was going on, this could have been improved by making the narrative more clear. The scenes of the girl miming are good in terms of camera angles etc. however the acting is rather poor, it needed to look real whereas I felt this didn’t. I liked the noticeable changes in colour difference to represent the different storylines however I was unclear of what the difference was meant to show. I found that the locations for the music video were suitable and the ranges of different shots and angles they incorporated fitted the theme of the video.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ideas For Shots Etc

Today I expanded on a few of my ideas for the music video, showing representations etc