Monday, 4 November 2013

Things I have To Consider

Planning: The actors need to be clear on the planning for example, showing story boards, planning props, costumes and locations, organising times and dates and also try and keep a record of everything that you're doing.

Shooting: Bring a device to play the song so that the singer can mime the song and also so that I can hear it when I come to edit the piece together. I should really get three different shots of every scene at different angles so that I can capture everything and also so that I have more footage to work with.

Uploading: When uploading footage I will be cutting my recordings into reasonable sized chunks so that it is easier to manage and organised, meaning no footage can be lost, it will also be time saving.

Lip-syncing: This will be the most time consuming part of the project, one I have gotten rid of the excess footage and started to peice together the lip synching will have to be precise, by matching the sound waves to the clip.

Editing: Once I have chosen my clips and finished my lip syncing I will then start to choose what clips I want to include in my music video, I should expect to make compromises as some footage that I like may not be suitable for the video. I need a lot of time for editing inorder to edit to the best of my ability, a suggested 8-10 hours will be needed.

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