Monday, 24 September 2012

Preliminary Task


This is the front cover for my preliminary task, A school magazine. I have followed magazine conventions by using an image which would be correct for the genre, the striking image will attract the audience into wanting to read it. What is also striking about the front cover is the large, bold writing which gives an insight to what the main article in the magazine will be. I've also found the house style of the school logo by using blue, yellow and white, setting a house style for the rest of the magazine. The image on the front cover shows the head teacher smiling and seeming happy, this denotes the happy atmosphere of the school and also that the head teacher is friendly.

To improve on this task, I would make it look more professional by basing it off a style model, I would also have a better layout with some more complex attributes, showing off my photoshop skills.I would use more fonts inorder for various texts to stand out and catch the audiences attention.

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