Monday, 15 October 2012

AFL Assessment


  • There is a specific target audience which is apparent when looking at the front cover as we can tell it is a DJ magazine, it will most likely have a teenage audience.
  • There is an understanding of layout, however does not look as professional as it could be. The main image on the front cover has been cut out well and shows skills in photoshop, however the background is very plain, there is nothing going on that stands out to the audience. The contents layout is structured well however the pictures could have been spaced out to seperate the texts in bulk, the same as the feature article as it looks like a lot to read and it will put off the audience.
  •   Need more of a variety in fonts and text size, there is no font that stands out to you on the page, which is what you need for the main feature in the magazine. The text on the contents page is good as it is easy to understand and clear. The font on the article is small however easy to read, however it does look like there is alot of writing and not enough pictures to seperate it all.
  • Using ICT appropriately for the task set, it is clear that he has skills in photoshop as he has used alot of tools inorder to complete the magazine. 
  • Shooting a poor variety of material appropriate to the task set as there is only a selection of photos and a lot of text. There is also a lot wasted space which could have made use for social networking links, or a website.
  • He has manipulating photographs as appropriate to the context for presentation, including cropping and resizing, however this could be improved by resizing the image so not as much space has been wasted.
  • Need a variety of photographs as there is the same image on the contents page and feature article.

I would give this project a D overall, as they do understand magazine conventions however their project doesn't look as professional as some of the others, it could have took more influence from the style model. To improve it could feature a more complex layout and include a variety of pictures. The background on the article does not match the house style of the other two pages, therefore it would have lost marks. Also include some forms of social networking like twitter, facebook etc as it is aimed at teenagers.

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