Monday, 1 October 2012

Practice Work on Photoshop

This is a practice magazine I completed on Photoshop so I could get a feel for the project and experiment with some filters and other tools on the programme. The chose a photo I felt was suitable for a magazine cover, a medium close up of the model. I kept the house style simple, only using two colours which were white and a shade of brown, I chose these colours because I had not seen a magazine with this typoe of colour scheme and I wanted to experiment. For the title, I increased the height and width inorder for it to fit across to full page, I copy and pasted the title twice and moved it slightly to look like it had a shadow instead of actually using the drop shadow effect which I will use in my final project. For the feauture headline, I once again kept it simple and used a different font to the title to make it stand out. I beleieve that my magazine does look professional however when asking members of my class what type of magazine they thought it was they guessed a fashion magazine which is something I would have to look at with my final magazine, in order to complete the task of a music magazine.

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