Wednesday, 30 January 2013


In order to manage my time effectively I have created a timetable of all the aspects I need to do to complete the course at a high level.
28th - 4th
Plan out front cover, flat plans and take photos
4th - 11th
Begin cover and think about article topic
11th - 15th
Continue with cover, start to write article
15th - 25th
Start planning contents page
25th - 4th
Continue cover and start contents page
4th - 11th
Continue contents page and make corrections on article
11th - 18th
Start article
18th -25th
Make improvements on all elements
25th - 28th
Think about evaluation
8th - 15th
15th - 22nd
22nd - 29th
29th - 3rd
Final cut off, make last minute adjustments

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