Monday, 28 January 2013

My Magazine

I have decided to create a indie/alternative music magazine aimed at an audience of 16-21 year olds (young adults). Inorder to gain the best result possible I will create a questionnaire asking what my target audience would most like to see in it, I have came up with a series of questions which are:
1.    How old are you?
2.    Are you male or female?
3.    What do you want in a music magazine?
4.    What type of music genre do you like the most?
5.    Do you buy any music magazines already, if so please list?
6.    Why do you buy them magazines?
7.    If you don’t buy magazines why not?
8.    What sort of price would you be willing to pay for a music magazine?
9.    How often would you buy a music magazine?
10.  What do you want a music magazine to contain?
11.  What free prizes/goods would you like to get from a music magazine?
12.  Would you like to see horoscopes in a music magazine?
13.  What artists would you like to see in the magazine?
14.  Would you like to see the top 10?
15.  What colour schemes would you like to see on a magazine?
16.  What usually catches your eye the most on the front cover?
17.  Would you buy a weekly or monthly magazine?
18.  Would you prefer an all-male magazine, all female magazine or a mixed gender magazine?
19.  Would you rather read an interview or an article on an artist?
20.  Would you like to see advertisements?

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