Monday, 14 October 2013

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

Ed Sheerans, Give Me Love portrays all sexual orientations in his video, which I find useful as I have recently changed my idea to have a music video with the storyline of lesbians. The video is about a girl who we see in the start has killed herself however the scene cuts to the past and we see she is a  is a portrayal of cupid and she goes around with arrows finding people love because she can’t find it herself, it’s not until the end when an attractive policeman comes in to find that she has killed herself that the arrow and wings disappear implying she has finally found love. The music video is 90% in slow motion, possibly to add tension and emphasis, but also to make it look like she is ina fantasy or dream like state, there is also a lot of tracking and panning to help the storyline develop. The lighting in the music video has clearly been edited as the effects are rather gloomy and kind of vintage. Although the video shows different relationships the directors have still used an attractive blonde woman, which will attract another type of audience. There are specific close ups of the gay couples kissing, which could be to emphasise that there are different relationships, also in the club scene she stabs the man who then begins to kiss the other, the camera then tracks back to show that they are the only gay couple there, one again I believe this is to single them out, but not in a bad way.

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