Monday, 14 October 2013

Tatu - All The Things She Said

Tatu – All The Things She Said is another music video portraying a lesbian relationship however unlike the others I have analysed it is highly provocative and sexualised by the use of rain and wet clothes, as well as the kissing and physical contact, this is probably to attract a specific audience. As this video was made in 2009 it was the first of its kind therefore was shocking for the viewer’s however now a days it is not as taboo as it was. The lighting is very dark and seems as though a tinge of green has been edited to the lighting. There are a lot of close ups when the physical contact and kissing happens, once again this is to make it stand out and emphasise what they are doing, attracting a certain audience once again. The lighting changes between the scenes, when there is a scene with the onlookers the lighting is very dull and negative, where as when the scene is on the two lesbians the lighting is bright and happy, this is probably to show the positivity they feel together in contrast to the more than likely negative opinion from the people watching. The close ups of the girls behind the cages and the bars suggest that they cant come out to the world, which is rather symbolic considering the music video is highly provocative. The cinematography is very hectic, there are lots of zooms which is not something that is normally used in music videos, also there are lots of cuts, almost like it is pictures of the scene straight after eachother, this once again is not a typical convention of the music video.

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