Sunday, 5 January 2014

Existing Digipak

Shows the artist at an extreme close-up with a series of lights surrounding her, there is no sexuality to her image at all, which is breaking the conventions of a typical female album, showing that she has a specific target audience. 

The background is dark inorder for herself and the lights to stand out, the use of the lights is in correspondence with the name of the album.

There is no image on the back, it is highly simple and just features the names of the songs as if they are alight. 

The text is highly simple much like the design of the digipak, this enables the text to stand out more so you can clearly see the artist and the album name, although the album name is much smaller than the artist as you are buying the album because of the artist therefore it needs to be apparent that it is her album. 

Track List: 
The track list is very simple following the same theme as the rest of the album, they are simply listen with no numbers etc, just keeping it simple. 

Production Info: 
The production info is in a different colour to the rest of the album however is significantly smaller and not really noticeable. 

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