Sunday, 5 January 2014

Existing Digipak

The image is of the artist on a carousel horse, sticking with the theme of the digipak which is obviously circus themed. Unlike Ellie Gouldings digipak, Pink is showing a lot more flesh, she is known for her raunchy behaviour etc, therefore this appeals to her target audience and attracts them to buy the album.

The background of the album sticks with the circus theme by being very loud and bright, the colour pink seems to be used alot obviously in correspondence with the artists name. 

The album name and artist name are surprisingly the same size, unlike Ellie Gouldings where the artists name was significantly bigger, this may be because Pink is a more popular artist therefore is recognised more.

Track List: 
The track list keeps up with the fun theme by varying in font so that the audience are attracted to it more.

Production Info: 
This is small and like the last digipak is in a different colour however much smaller than the rest of the album. 

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